• Dipartimento: Ingegneria
  • Codice di verbalizzazione: 8039922
  • Metodi di insegnamento: Frontale
  • Metodi di valutazione: Orale
  • Prerequisiti: None
  • Obiettivi: The main objective of this course is to provide students with a broad understanding of water management related issues, with specific regard - but not limited to - environmental and technical aspects. In particular, the course will cover topics regarding water availability and demand, effects of climate change on water scarcity, sustainability related issues (e.g. links to SDGs and the Water-Energy nexus), water quality parameters and legislation (with specific regard to the Water framework directive), water reuse (zero water discharge), urban water management, water safety plans and the main treatment units of a potabilization plant. Based on the knowledge acquired in the course, the students will be able to technically discuss and address water quantity and quality issues, with reference to present and future scenarios, as well as water treatment plant design and management with reference to the type of water source exploited and the specific context.
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  • A.A.: 2021/2022
  • Canale: UNICO
  • Crediti: 15