• Dipartimento: Ingegneria
  • Settore Ministeriale: ING-INF/03
  • Codice di verbalizzazione: 8039753
  • Metodi di insegnamento: Frontale E Altro
  • Metodi di valutazione: Scritto E Orale
  • Prerequisiti: None
  • Obiettivi: Knowledge of the operating environment (clutter, interferences) of radar systems and of the main techniques for position estimation and clutter/interference reduction. Knowledge of some important types of radar systems (aimed to: target tracking, meteorological analysis of precipitation, mapping with synthetic aperture techniques) and of some widely used techniques (phased arrays, monopulse, anti-jamming) with their applications. Knowledge of the basic elements of Electronic Defence. A complete text book in Italian is available: ��SISTEMI RADAR��, by G. Galati and G. Pavan, TexMat , 2009 (Via di Tor Vergata 93-95, Roma, phone 06 2023572).
  • Ricevimento: per appuntamento scrivendo a :


  • A.A.: 2022/2023
  • Canale: UNICO
  • Crediti: 6