• Dipartimento: Scienze Matematiche, Fisiche E Naturali
  • Settore Ministeriale: CHIM/08
  • Codice di verbalizzazione: 8067401
  • Metodi di insegnamento: Frontale
  • Metodi di valutazione: Scritto E Orale
  • Prerequisiti: Basic knowledge of biochemistry and organic chemistry.
  • Obiettivi: The mission of the Pharmaceutical Chemistry course is to introduce students to the different activities that are part of a research center in the pharmaceutical industry. In particular, the modules are: - Therapeutic target identification from hit compounds - Medicinal Chemistry and the discovery of lead compounds - Therapeutic peptides: development and examples of new drugs - Drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics - Metabolomics and biomarkers Specialists working at IRBM Science Park will be invited to teach the different modules. In addition, a full-day visit will be organized to the IRBM research center laboratories, where researchers will give practical illustrations about their activities.


  • A.A.: 2023/2024
  • Canale: UNICO
  • Crediti: 6
  • Obbligo di Frequenza: No