• Dipartimento: Ingegneria
  • Settore Ministeriale: ING-INF/07
  • Codice di verbalizzazione: 8039787
  • Metodi di insegnamento: Frontale
  • Metodi di valutazione: Scritto E Orale
  • Prerequisiti: data processing computer simulation
  • Obiettivi: The main objective relies on the ability to manage data acquired through a measurement process, and extract information by standard data analysis techniques. The concepts are framed within the probability theory for the fundamental metrology and the time-frequency analysis and fitting methodologies for data processing. The third objective is to provide competences in the field of software-based analysis and simulation using Matlab.


  • A.A.: 2021/2022
  • Canale: UNICO
  • Crediti: 6